Umbrella boat

Umbrella Boat

The umbrella is a custom tool used so during a storm, you may work outdoors without the loss of health.

How to make an umbrellaEdit

To make one, you must strap 1 plank, or a crafted handle vertically to your back, and add a small or meduim folaige to the top, thus acting like an umbrella.

Umbrella/Sheltered BoatEdit

If you are in a raft and there is a storm you should make a umbrella/sheltered boat. All you need is a medium wood or plank. Then place 1 medium wood or 1 plank at the front of your boat vertically then put one medium foilage horizontally to the top, thus making a umbrella boat. If you are on a Schooner, you can place a few Medium Folaiges on the crows nest.

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