Steel Armor- One item able to be made on survival 404 that adds extra life to your life bar on the bottom of your screen. It is not heath in your three bars of survival, it is your health bar on the bottom of your screen. When you put on the armor it will look like you have lost a medioum sized amount of health in the process but that was the size of health capacity you were able to hold before but then after a few secounds it will slowly, slowly, fill up to its capacity.the way you make steel armor is in the simplified way is:

Steel Armor- Leather + 2 Steel = Steel Armor

the "start from scratch" way to make steel Armor is:

Mine 2 iron ore from a mine (if not there wait till it regenerates) then put them in a F'ire' till they becomes iron (they will turn a slightly dark gray color) when they do put them in the small slot in a Forge then take them from the slot on the bottom of the machine and it will be called Unfired Steel ( it will be a very bright color of gray). Put the unfired steel's in a fire until they will say Steel. Then put them in your backpack wile you make the Leather. The way you make leather is by hunting a Deer (deer only apair in a few islands like the spawn island and the sand island). the way you kill a deer is by making a Hunting Club and hitting a deer with it a few times(dont be frustrated if you cant kill it, it takes a few times) when you do kill the deer, you forage the body. the body has no name so when you look in your backpack in will just be a box with no name. then you make a Skinning Knife and skin it. It will make a tiny, tiny, shake and it will say Deerhide (when you do skin it you will also have a raw venison in your back pack and when you cook it you have venison :) then with the deerhide you prosses it using your crafting tool, then you click on it, then press the prosses ingreedients button. wait till it turns a dark brown and it will be leather. Last you click on the leather then the two steel on your craft tool and press create item and you will have one steel armor in you back pack. you place on the ground then run over it and it will show you that you have it over your torso. (P.S. it is possible to die you armor for the un fand fashion of it. :).

by Epicly Boss Guy |:/D>