Food is the needed for the survival of the player, which is the main objective of Survival 404. Food regenerates thirst, hunger and/or health.


Bread is created firstly by changing Wheat into Flour from a Crude Granary or a Medieval Granary. Then a Bucket filled with water is used to turn the flour into dough. Next, it must be crafted into Bread Dough. Finally, put the bread dough over a fire to cook the latter, thus getting cooked Bread.

Survival 404 Plantation

A Big farm


  • Apples
  • Berries
  • Flower Stalks


Use a Fishing Rod to catch fish in the ocean; sometimes you may catch some seaweed too which can also be eaten.


Use a Hunting Club/Bow to hunt animals and kill them, followed by using a skinning knife on the carcass to get the meat and hide/fur of the deceased animal in your backpack.
Hunting Club