Hello. As the founder of this wiki, I've decided to get back to mantain activity.

I have been looking through the articles and have noticed a few articles with bad spelling and grammar. So I have decided to start this project.

Summary of the missionEdit

If you find a poorly-written article, you can put the page in the category "Article Maintenance", like this page. Such articles (except this one) will be edited by me and/or the users of the community. And also, if you are one who is writing the articles poorly, please take your time to learn from it. You are still welcome to edit the wiki though!

Examples and factorsEdit

Some factors of poorly-written articles are

  • Bad Spelling
  • Bad Grammar
  • Wall of text (abbrievated WOT, is an article without paragraphs at all)
  • Bad sentence structure
  • Use of abbrieviations (LOL, OMG)
  • Usage of words that shows that the author is unsure about how to explain it (thingamabob, thingy, something etc.)

An example of bad articles (not real) showing the factors are:

"the mine Is a bldg that gets rocks for the player to go in and mine them. It contains copper, iron, coal. There is also the Large mine or smething, that will get more rocks and more space. created by 2 med rock+wall."

Such articles should be rewrote so that the article will look neat, and be more legible.

Thanks for reading this.

~*Uberity*~ 09:36, June 16, 2011 (UTC)